The Isle of Man: Archibald Knox

On my search for everything Manx I came across Archibald Knox. An artist, designer and Manxman. Born in 1864 he worked for Liberty & Co. (London). Liberty had their Tudric pewter-range and Cymric Silver-range in the style we know as Celtic Revival.Celtic Revival is related to the Art Noveau. The hayday of these style was around 1900. Archibald Knox designed many of the best Tudric and Cymric pieces. He also painted and made designs for carpets, wallpaper and other household items. He may not be as well know as William Morris but his range is just as wide and his talent just as big. He died in 1933. There are several websites dedicated to Archibald Knox, go and see them. 

Archibald Knox.
1933 portrait by 
Edward Christian Quayle (c).

A Bowl in the Liberty range.

A silver casket.