My Show Alters

Over the years I have had a few "show neuters" (not breeds I have bred but breeds I like) that shared my home and traveled with me and my Manx to catshows.

One of them is FIFe IP. Mr.Big van Wei Haj  We, a black smoke and white Cornish Rex neuter bred by Mieke and Annemarie Brekelmans-vd Linden. 
"Biggy" has been shown 12 times now, having been nominated all 12 times he won Best in Show 7 times.

Here is another picture of Biggy, made at a show by Ingrid Höhn. It shows his stunning head and earset!

Molly (Pr.Blue Velvet's GoodGolly MsMolly, Burmilla tortie shaded silver spay),
bred by Laura Boshoven-Scholten.

Molly has been shown three times as a neuter and was nominated two times for the Best in Show.