My Manx

My first Manx litter was born in 1987 - five wonderfull kittens. All were sold as pets but the one girl (Yucca) in the litter came back as a ten years spay. She was with me for another eight year, dying the same year as her older sister Zdenka (EGIC.Zdenka d'Okinavashta, the founding queen of my cattery). Over the years I have shared my home with many lovely Manx.

Minusdetails RazzleDazzle,
tortie and white Van rumpy riser female.
This girl is a very special gift from Kay DeVilbiss.
Thank you Kay for this lovely little lady, you are truly a great Manx breeder!

CFA Ch. & TICA GC.RW. Faerietail  Earthquake MCGoon, 
red mcTabby and white rumpy male.

My new boy and TICa's Best of Breed Manx kitten 2008-2009.
Many thanks go to his breeder Phyllis Durdy.

 Kabelkim Wonderbread Bikkel, cream mcTabby SH male.
Bred by Elma Sterk in the USA), pictured here as a youngster in Elma's house.

And here (and on the top of each page!) is my homegrown Noah's Ark Kolombijntje, black and white SH spay.

A little out of focus but a very cute picture of my Noah's Ark Robert RedFur, red clTabby SH stubby neuter.

FIFe IP.Tirion's Declan of Miallys, blue clTabby LH neuter.

Not happy to have her picture taken: FIFe IC.Cottori Mrs Doubtfire of Miallys, black and white SH stubby female.
The last daughter born to Roser's Pluto of Cottori, born after he died.

I have been very lucky to meet some very nice people over the years I have bred Manx.
A few I would like to mention here:

Karin Schreurs (cattery d'Okinavashta) who not only sold me my first Manx girl (EGIC.Zdenka d'Okinavashta) but gave me a second Manx (Zdenka's mother, the very special IC.Moirawin Fainche) for free and helped me get started in the catfancy.

Hetty van der Veen-den Hartog, who has been my friend, soundingboard and fellow Manxbreeder since 1987.

Thomas Andersen in Denmark, just for being Thomas.

 Elma Sterk, Phyllis Durdy, Huguette Noebels and Jane Hellman for their wonderful bloodlines I could work with.

My mother Cis Verlaan-Duivenvoorden and my sister Gigi Verlaan,
both the behind-the-scenes backbone of Cattery Noah's Ark.

and, as always:

the late Becky Cotter,
who was the most generous, helpful, wonderful Manx breeder ever and a very special friend indeed.
Still missed, she left us a wonderful legacy of Manx cats.