My Devon Rex

I have always liked the Devon Rex breed as I think they are very special cats but I never dreamed of owning one. That changed when I was offered a very special boy from the USA, FIFe IC. Aster Pawz Sweet William (Bred by Donna Zeeman), by a very dear person (Julie Williams) I know there. As he was not neutered he made some very lovely kittens here in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. I took one his daughter Dolly (Brown Glossy Furr's Dolly Dot II, bred by Anita Keereweer) back to keep his line going. She is now a mother herself and two of her kittens will be used for breeding in the future.

I enjoy the Devon Rex breed very much, they are special little pixies indeed! 

FIFe Int.Ch.Aster Pawz Sweet William (known as Silly Willy),
picture taken by Ingrid Höhn at her home when he stayed with her.

Dolly (Brown Glossy Furr's Dolly Dot II).
Breeder: Anita Keereweer.

Dolly's litter, from left to right:
Noah's Ark Aki Beau Binkie (male).
Noah's Ark Akiko Alida Belle (female).
Noah's Ark Aki Shiroguma (male).
Noah's Ark Aki Torachan (male).

Father of these kittens is Ingrid Höhn's wonderful boy Int.Ch.Phu Quoc's Aris. Ingrid Höhn and her daughter Christiane Schneider-Höhn have bred Devon Rex for many years, breeding some of the finest Devons ever, three FIFe World Winners among them.  What they don't know about the breed is not worth knowing. Besides that they are very nice and generous breeders. Thank you both!

Our (Hetty vd Veen-den Hartog and me) new girl from Norway, (N) Santala's Verena.
Thank you Lisa and Torill for this wonderful little pixie!
Verena will live with Hetty.