Manx from the Past, USA 2

And some more:

Olaf of Manx of Glen Orry. USA Manx Male (Import from the Isle of Man via Danmark).

Guthred of Manx of Glen Orry. USA Manx Male.

Glen Orry Cattery ad.

GC.Xanthia's Candace of Tra-Mar. USA Manx Female.

GC.Tra-Mar Redsun. USA Manx Male.

GC.NW Sinleo White Irish of Shelleo (of Tra-Mar), DM. USA CEW Manx male.

GC.RedOaksMill Mella Ella and daughter GC.RedOaksMill Maggie O., USA Manx Females.

GC.RedOaksMill Mella Ella, USA Manx Female.

GC.RedOaksMill Maggie O. as a kitten, USA Manx Female.

Caithness Andrew, USA Manx Male.