Manx from the Past, UK 2

Ch.Katzenjammers Ghost of Cademuir. British Manx Male, early 1900.

Ch.Chelsea Villish Mona Veen. British Manx Female, early 1900.

White Manx "Lord James Dumps" winning at the 1911 National Cat show.

This is the famous Manxland Maisie, bred and owned by the late Dr. D.W. Kerruish, DVM
(of the Manxland cattery on the Isle of Man) in the 1950th.
She was the mother of Manxland Mornin' Mist,
one of the founding cats of the late Marion Hall's Tra-Mar cattery in the USA.

Stonor Magnus, 1940th UK Manx male.

Stonor Mathilda, 1940th UK Manx female.