Manx Cats from the Past, Cattery Manxdrecht (NL)


One of the nice things about breeding cats is that we get to hold things in trust. Not only cats but also bloodlines. We breed kittens, show cats and enjoy our pets but that is not only possible due to our own hard work but also that of the breeders that come before us. I have been very luckey in getting some fine cats over the years from breeders such as: Becky Cotter, Huguette Noebels, Sande Willen & Mary Davin and Jane Hellman. All great lines and great cats but there is one little line that is a little bit extra special to me, our only real Dutch line: the Manxdrecht line.

Jan Kop and Rian Maaten started breeding Manx after buying their first female Honki van Tibeert, who was born in 1977. They bred only a few years and only one of their kittens would be saved for breeding. That one kitten was IC.Airhey Ardysa van Manxdrecht and the grandmother of my founding Queen, EGIC.Zdenka d'Okinavashta.  Here is, in pictures, their story.
Thanx, Rian for the pictures! 

Jos van Tibeert
Cream clTabby male, born: 27-09-1978
Bred by Ad & Annelies Peijen
Sire: Tatleberry Brutus
Dam: IC.Monas Red Rebecca

Honki van Tibeert
CEW female, born: 01-03-1977
Bred by Ad & Annelies Peijen
Sire: Ch.Red Oaks Mill Mannix of Daphne
Dam: Kellogg Jennifer

Jos van Tibeert and Honki van Tibeert produced this son:
Manolito van Manxdrecht
CEW male, born: 29-12-1979

Jan and Rian bought this brown MacTabby and white female from Else Lüders in Denmark:
Amelita Quintessenza, born: 24-08-1979
Sire: Questo Quintessenza
Dam: Rasmine

Manolito and Amelita produced, among others, two kittens that were kept: 

Ringo S. van Manxdrecht, CEW male. Born: 23-01-81

Sita van Manxdrecht, black and White female. Ringo's littermate.

Bred together Ringo and Sita produced some very nice kittens.
Among them: Whisbone van Manxdrecht (CEW male, pictured below), Leroy van Manxdrecht (CEW male) and IC.Airhey Ardysa van Manxdrecht (black and White female).

Ardysa (born 22-06-1982) bred to EGIC.Tatleberry Tywysog produced:

IC/GIC.Moirawin Fainche, brown macTabby and white female, who was sold to Karin Schreurs
but later moved to my home and became our very special lapcat Speedy.
She is the mother of EGIC.Zdenka d'Okinavashta.