Manx Cats from the Past, Cattery Cottori (USA)

On the 3rd of June 2001 the Manx world lost one of it's kindest, generous and most successful people: 

Becky Cotter

She and her husband Paul Cotter bred many wonderful Manx cats, many of them winning cats at cats shows. In 1997 all their hard work was rewarded when their GC.GP.NW. Cottori Juliet won Best Cat in Premiership in CFA. On this page I want to pay my respect to this very special lady and thank her for her wonderful cats and friendship.

Becky with GC.GP.NW Cottori Juliet, CEW female.

GC.Cottori Bubba, CEW male.

Roser's Pluto of Cottori, black male and one of the founding cats of the Cottori line.

Paul's cat: GP.RW. Cottori Jack the Bear, CEW male longhair.

GC.GP. Cottori All Dolled Up, brown clTabby and white female, as a kitten.

GC. Cottori Buster Brown, brown clTabby and white male.

Becky at the CFA International in Annaheim in 1996,
talking to Dayle Hall (Marion Hall's husband, Tra-Mar Manx).

GC.GP.NW. Cottori Juliet.