How it all started

I have always had cats. When I was born in 1969 we had one cat, a black and white called Minette. She was born in 1964. When I was about five or six I got my own cat, a torbie and white I named TomPoes. She used to sleep on my bed. After that Cupido entered our home, a tortie. Bastet, a black and white replaced Minette when she died in 1984 and soon after that we became the new home of Spooky, a brown classic tabby. His owner had died and one day, looking for a new home, he came in via our catflap! Our last "housecat" was Poeske, who was found in a wood only a few days old. We hand-reared her and tried to place her in a good home but only after a few weeks she came back to us. She had a "funny coat" and she turned out to be a spontanious Rex mutation, known at that time as Dutch Rex.

In 1985 In registered my catteryname (Noah's Ark) in FIFe. The first litter I bred was not in my name but that of Karin Schreurs' cattery (d'Okinavashta). In 1987 Zdenka d'Okinavashta came to me, she was to become the founding cat of my cattery.

Zdenka was to become the first Manx in the Netherlands to gain the title
European Grand International Champion.

At the same time Zdenka's mother Speedy (FIFe IC and non-FIFe GIC Moirawin Fainche) came to live here. She was a very special cat indeed, even if she used to eat judges for lunch at catshows!

EGIP.Noah's Ark Kipper's Quinkle, the first rumpy kitten to be born at cattery Noah's Ark.
He was to become the first Manx in the Netherlands to gain the title 
European Grand International Premior.

Our second import manx: FIFE GIC.Tutti Frutti de La Gambade.
Bred by Huguette Noebels.

The famous Sailor:
FIFE EGIP & DSM, non-FIFe GEGIP, CFA GP & DW Cottori Pooh Bear II of Miallys.
Still the Manx that won the most best in shows in FIFe.